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Making Charges Fairer Consultation

Start Date: Thursday 1 December 2016
End Date: Monday 13 February 2017
Consultation Area: Dorset wide
Method: Online Survey Paper survey
Service Area: Adult social care
Status: Past Past
Organisation: Dorset County Council
Contact Name: Chris Skinner
Contact Phone: 01305 221085
Contact Email:

About this Consultation

We are reviewing our charging policy. This is our policy about how we charge people for a contribution towards the cost of their adult social care and support service.

We already charge some people. The reasons for the review are to make sure that the policy:

  • supports 'personalised' care and support arrangements
  • remains fair and affordable for everyone in the future
  • is financially sustainable for the county council in the years to come

The Care Act 2014

The Care Act provides a single legal framework for charging and for recovering debts. It says that when a council arranges care and support to meet an adult's needs, it may charge them unless the law says the care and support must be free of charge. In cases where we may charge, we must only ask people to pay what they can afford. So some people will be entitled to financial help based on a means-test, and other people will be entitled to free care and support.

We want to make sure that the way we charge for care services in Dorset reflects what the Care Act expects. 

The review includes a public consultation to encourage you to have your say about the decisions that can be made locally by our county councillors.

Department of Health guidance - Care Act factsheets (opens in a new window)

How will this affect me?

  • no decisions will be made until the review has finished in March 2017.  It is not possible to say at this stage whether, or how, this will affect individuals
  • the review is about the way that we charge people for a contribution towards the cost of their adult social care, it is not about your social care and support, or the people that provide it for you
  • nothing in the review affects a person's entitlement to claim benefits, but the review will look at how we can support more people to claim all the benefits they are entitled to

Next steps

We have produced a questionnaire to gather your views about some possible changes to the charging policy. The questionnaire  launched at the beginning of December 2016 will be open for you to respond until 13 February 2017. Find out more and fill in the questionnaire here.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this consultation, or you would like another way of completing the questionnaire, such as a paper copy or a large print or 'easy read' version, please email or telephone 01305 221085.

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