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Gillingham and Weymouth Libraries- potential for additional cultural activities

Start Date: Monday 6 February 2017
End Date: Wednesday 8 March 2017
Consultation Area: Dorset wide
Method: Online Survey Various
Service Area: Culture (libraries, museums, theatres, history)
Status: Past Past
Organisation: Dorset County Council
Contact Name: Sandy Kirkby, Sue Palmer and Sally Watkins
Contact Phone: tbc
Contact Email:

About this Consultation

Imagine if the library was a venue for other cultural activities. The public library has books to borrow, computers to use and provides access to information and events. But it could also be used for other things too - talks, meeting space, debate, space for arts and crafts, play, music? The Arts Council is interested in helping libraries to expand what they can offer, and what they can make available for residents, communities and creative industries.

We are asking people, artists and arts organisations and businesses in the towns of Weymouth & Gillingham and surrounding areas - what else would you like to see happening in your town library? The consultation runs from 6th February until 8th March 2017.

Who are we? Sandy Kirkby, Sue Palmer and Sally Watkins have been asked by Dorset Library Service to compile a report on the potential for libraries to work with others to offer more creative opportunities and events for residents.  

 Please complete either:

The community survey.

The artists and art organisations survey

The business / freelancers survey

In addition to the survey you can make your comments:

  •  By completing an imagine card in Weymouth and Gillingham Libraries
  • Take part in a Talkaoke, a mobile pop-up talk show at Gillingham Library and town centre on Friday 3rd March from 11am to 5pm and Weymouth Library and town centre on Saturday 4th March from 11am to 5pm.
  • Email Gillingham Library comments: and Weymouth Library comments: makes every effort to virus check information made available for download on this site. cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur from use of downloaded material. We recommend that users check all downloaded materials with their own virus check software.

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